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    Wang Yuetao meets Citibank guests

    PublishTime:2019-01-10 Hits:838

    On November 27, 2018, Wang Yuetao, general manager of ZhenHua Oil, met with Mr. Douglas MacKenzie, Managing Director and EMEA Head of Energy and other guests from Citigroup. Both parties conducted in-depth exchanges on the current macroeconomic situation, characteristics and trends of the oil and gas M&A market, and upstream M&A opportunities in the key areas on which ZhenHua Oil places emphasis.

    Wang Yuetao welcomed guests, and introduced the main assets and operations of ZhenHua Oil abroad, and thanked Citibank for its support in the fields of information acquisition and financial cooperation in new international oil and gas projects. He said that he hoped the two sides to have more cooperation opportunities in the future.

    Mr. Douglas MacKenzie thanked ZhenHua Oil for the meeting, and mainly introduced the opportunities in the exploration and development projects in EMEA. He said Citibank was willing to provide full support for ZhenHua’s overseas development strategic plans with its networks and customer resources established worldwide.