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    ZhenHua Oil attends the 2nd Egypt-China Investment and Trade Expo and “Belt and Road” China-Egypt Cooperation Forum

    PublishTime:2019-01-10 Hits:634

    On November 15 and 16, 2018, the Second Egypt-China Investment and Trade Expo and “Belt and Road” China-Egypt Cooperation Forum were convened in Cairo. Hou Xiru, general manager of ZhenHua Oil NPIC, which is the only Chinese operator in the Egyptian oil field and director of Egyptian-Chinese Chamber of Commerce, attended the event.

    The expo was jointly sponsored by the Egyptian-Chinese Chamber of Commerce, Xinhua News Agency, China Health Economics Association (CHEA), Egypt-China Friendship Association and other organizations. It aims to strengthen the construction of the Belt and Road, implement acheivement of the Beijing Summit of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation and the exchanges of visit of the two heads of state, and actively promote the development of China-Egypt capacity cooperation and economic and trade relations and increase the influence of Chinese-funded enterprises in Egypt. The Expo attracted many large and medium-sized Chinese companies and related organizations in Egypt. With panels, videos and brochures, NPIC vividly demonstrated the fruitful achievements of ZhenHua Oil in fulfilling its corporate responsibilities over years and implementing the Belt and Road Initiative, introduced the company's progress in oil and natural gas exploration and development in Egypt. This move furtherly built up ZhenHua Oil’s image as an internationalized and professional brand.

    Hou Xiru said in an interview with China International Television (CITV) that the Belt and Road Initiative has greatly promoted the cooperation between China and Egypt. At present, China-Egypt relations have entered the fast lane of development. China has become an important economic and trade partner of Egypt. Both countries enjoy a great potential for cooperation in the energy field. We must fully seize this historical opportunity, implement the “going global” strategy, ensure rational and standardized production and operation, and make greater contribution to the development of China-Egypt economic and trade relations.