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    Iraq EBS Oilfield successfully ignites the first torch

    PublishTime:2019-01-10 Hits:1516

    On November 8, 2018, under the joint witness of Chen Weiqing, Chinese Ambassador to Iraq, Djalil Alberea, Baghdad City Defense Commander and senior Iraqi petroleum police officers, Jalal, general manager of the Midland Oil Company (MdOC) in Iraq and Chen Pei, general manager of EBS Co., Ltd. jointly announced the formal start of the EB-26 well test. Through the careful preparation of the plan and solid organization of operation, the first test venting torch was successfully ignited on November 10, marking the start of oil engineering operation of the EBS Project.

    Since the contract was signed on May 23, 2018, the project company has focused on the target of realizing commercial production by the end of the year under the guidance and support of the leaders of ZhenHua Oil Headquarters,and also has been keeping good communication with MdOC, taking scientific measures to overcome safety risks such as complicated underground conditions and social relations, fully boosting oilfield construction and resumption of old wells.

    Because the EB-26 well tubular column had not been moved for more than 30 years, it posed extremely high risks in engineering operation. The project company deliberated on the plans, formulated risk prevention measures in advance, detailed the operation process, and strengthened close cooperation with the operator. All such efforts have effectively guaranteed the smooth start of the well. At present, the EB-26 well has completed operations such as well drilling, MIT/MTT logging, pressure gradient testing, and other works. It is making systematic well testing according to the test system guideline.