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    Current Position: Home > Social Responsibility > Our people

    ZhenHua Oil holds “People First” as one of its core concepts and its management teams extend it across the national borders to overseas projects. It strives for the perfect balance between the benefits of the Company and the employees’ interests, physical and mental health, actively provides trainings to employees to improve their skills and makes efforts to accelerate the emotional and cultural fusion of employees through a variety of recreational and sports activities, in order to increase cohesion and competitiveness within the Company and its affiliates.

    Management of Kazakhstan KAM Oilfield at all levels have achieved a local content of 97.7% in employment, formulated sound policies for vacation, rehabilitation, work extra hours, training, business travel, traffic and environmental protection subsidies, children’s education, etc.. In terms of employee training, it will select and dispatch 10 to 15 local employees to China for off-the-job training each year in addition to routine training on safety, skills, language, management, application of new technologies, etc..


    The Iraq Al-Ahdab Oilfield has provided Chinese personnel with satellite phone systems to help keep in touch with their families in China, established Al-Waha Hospital and employed professional doctors. On every occasion of Chinese traditional festivals the Project Company will organize a variety of entertainments to alleviate employees homesickness and enhance their sense of belonging.

    In addition, the Project Company has made efforts to solve the severe problem of unemployment in the local community, and has employed about 1,000 Iraqi citizens so far. Al-Waha Company will reward ten outstanding Iraqi employees every year, and will send excellent Iraqi employees to China for visiting and training.