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    Current Position: Home > About Us > Our History
    At the end of November, The crude oil futures/paper business of ZhenHua Oil was formally approved by CNIGC.
    November, Three independent technical innovation projects of ZhenHua Oil were awarded the first, the second and the third scientific and technological progress prizes of CNIGC.
    September, The daily production of Chauk Oilfield soared up to 2,000 barrels from 1,200 barrels at the beginning of the same year and thus became the largest land oilfield of Myanmar.
    April 29, The NPIC project in Egypt was formally completed and delivered with a smooth transition of labor forces, assets and supplies.
    March, The“Project Team for Stabilizing Oil Production & Controlling Watercut and EOR for Carbonate Reservoir in Ahdab Oilfield”was listed as one of the first groups of the fundamental innovation teams by CNIGC.
    December 4, Four scientific research achievements from the Chengdu Research Center passed the appraisal and acceptance of a technical achievement by CNIGC.
    August 1, ZhenHua Oil signed an SPA to acquire VEGAS, thereby acquiring interest in Egyptian blocks NWG, EG and AESW.
    July 15, Chauk-1172, a new well in Myanmar, was put on stream, with the initial production of 217 bpd. This broke the maximum production record in the Chauk Oilfield over the last 45 years. Myanmar Minister of Energy and President of MOGE visited the well site to express their congratulations.
    May 21, The mining license for the 28 km2 extension area of the Konys and Bektas Oilfields in Kazakhstan was awarded.
    April 21, The accumulated production of Ahdeb Oilfield in Iraq reached 10 million tons.
    October 22, ZhenHua Oil (Yingkou) Storage & Transportation Co. Ltd. was incorporated.
    May 15, Chengdu North Petroleum Exploration & Development Technology Co., Ltd. was formally incorporated.
    January 26, The first shipment of equity oil from Ahdeb Oilfield in Iraq arrived at North Huajin Group Refinery.
    December 21, The first unloading and storage operation was completed after the completion and commissioning of ZhenHua Oil’s Dalian Storage Yard Phase I Storage Tank.
    December 13, ZhenHua Oil’s exploration & development database passed testing and was put into use.
    October, ZhenHua Oil was recognized as a qualified operator of national commercial reserves by NDRC, which indicated that ZhenHua Oil became a key member of the national energy security group.
    June 21, Ahdeb Oilfield in Iraq was put on stream.
    March 1, ZhenHua Oil acquired 40% interest in IOR-2 and MOGE-1 oilfields in Myanmar.
    February 22, ZhenHua Oil Chengdu Technical Support Center was renamed the ZhenHua Oil Research Center (Chengdu).
    August 26, ZhenHua Oil entered a long term crude oil supply agreement after completion of the registration with Petrobras.
    July 22, The opening ceremony for ZhenHua Oil’s Chengdu Technical Research Center was held.
    May 21, Dalian Northern Oil Product Storage & Transportation Co. Ltd. was established.
    April 27, ZhenHua Oil formally signed with Société Nationale des Pétroles du Congo (SNPC) an oil products procurement contract under the 1 billion USD pre-financing project of the Export-Import Bank of China.
    March 31, ZhenHua Oil’s HSE management system was formally launched.
    May 11, The first well was drilled by the Chinese contractor at the Ahdeb Oilfield.
    March 19, The acquisition of 50% equity in Konys and Bektas Oilfields in Kazakhta, originally held by KUAT, was completed. ZhenHua Oil became the controlling shareholder of these oilfields.
    March 11, The ground-breaking ceremony was held for Ahdeb Oilfield in Iraq.
    November 10, Al-Waha Petroleum Company, a subsidiary of ZhenHua Oil, signed with the Northern Oil Company of Iraq in Baghdad, a service contract concerning the development and production of the Ahdeb Oilfield. This was the first cooperation project pertaining to international petroleum initiated after the Iraq War, and was also the first new productivity project for the past twenty years.
    March, Foreign capital bank provided ZhenHua Oil with a considerable unsecured line of credit for the trading business.
    August 19, Konys and Bektas Oilfields in Kazakhstan began selling its produced crude oil to China via the Sino-Kazakhstan oil pipeline.
    July, ZhenHua Oil became a registered partner of SONANGOL and began trade cooperation.
    March 29, ZhenHua Oil was awarded by the Pakistani Ministry of Oil & Natural Resources two concessions on Baska and Bahawalpur East Blocks.
    December, ZhenHua Oil obtained unsecured line of credit offered by Chinese-funded banks.
    November 24, ZhenHua Oil entered a memorandum of understanding with the Pakistani Ministry of Oil & Natural Resources regarding the award of Baska and Bahawalpur East blocks.
    November 22, ZhenHua Oil signed a contract with China Export & Credit Insurance Corporation pertaining to an overseas project investment insurance for the Kazakhstan project, which was the first overseas project investment insurance in China.
    October 25, ZhenHua Oil’s Research Center was formally established.
    August, The ERP system of ZhenHua Oil was put into use.
    December 23, Kunlun Investment Co. Ltd., held shares by ZhenHua Oil, purchased 100% of the interest of AMLON. ZhenHua Oil secured a 25% interest in the Konys and Bektas Oilfields in Kazakhstan.
    January 10, ZhenHua Oil was recognized to have the qualification of a Non-State Fuel Oil Import Trade.
    December 26, ZhenHua Oil formally began operations in Beijing.
    On October 29, ZhenHua Oil obtained a Non-State Quantitative Crude Oil Trade quota distributed by the Ministry of Commerce.
    August 29, ZhenHua Oil was established.